Sahil Girls’ Club: A Promising Example


MORE THAN HALF of Somaliland’s population is under 18 years old, with the majority born after the overthrow of Siad Barre in 1991- a pivotal era where most of health services came to standstill.

The current generation of young people in Somaliland, therefore, has known health problems and hardships for most of their lives. Health issues have been most demanding in their lives. Continue reading

Regular Saxansaxo Radio Program Harvest Progress towards Stopping Female Genital Cutting.


KALTUN AHMED EGAL is a mother of 3 girls and 6 boys; she was born and bred in Berbera-Sahil. She is a housewife living with her husband who is a casual labourer.

 Unfortunate Girl she was

 Kaltun is a survivor of severe Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).  She recalled the pain she had to go through as a child when she had undergone the cutting. Though it was 30 years ago, but the pain she experienced is still fresh in her mind.

She narrates the horrific experience she witnessed as a young girl.

 “I was 7 years old when my mother convinced me to go for genital cutting.  She talked positively about it. For me, I had no problem at first, it was a tradition that been practiced for many years.” She says opening her story.


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 The Understanding of HIV-Aids Face



 UBAH ELMI, not the real name, is a mother and widow of 30 years old living with HIV-Aids.. She has two beautiful children, a son, named Ahmed and a daughter with the name of Ilhan. She now lives in Lasdacwo- Sahil Somaliland.

Lasdacawo is just a small and remote village in Sahil which lies about 55 km, South West of Berbera. About 300 families live in there who get their livelihood through animal husbandry and agricultural products.  Services of all sorts are hardly in here.   Though the road to Laska is bumpy and rough it has a better climate. This is where Ubah’s parental ancestors originate from. Continue reading

Munaasibad Loogu Wanqalay Golaha Dood- Wadaag, Laguna Soo bandhigay Cilmi baadhis ay Sameeyeen Ardayda Somaliland ee Uganda

Kampala-(HWN)-Munaasibad balaadhan oo si heer sare ah loo agaasimay, looguna wanqalayey Gole cusub oo la yidhaa. DOOD-WADAAG Forum, ayaa lagu qabtay hoolka weyn ee qaybta tacliinta sare (School of Postgraduate) ee jaamacadda Kampala International University.   Waxaa ka soo qayb galay arday aad u tiro badan oo ka kala socotay dhamaan jaamacadaha kala duwan ee dalkani Uganda. Waxaa  marti sharafka koowaad ee munaasibada ahayd Marwo Kaltuun oo ah Gudoomiyaha Dallada Guud ee Haweenka Somaliland, NAGAAD. Kulankani oo ah kii ugu horeeyey ee noociisa ah ee laga qabtay guud ahaan jaamacadaha ardayda Somaliland wax ku barato ee dalkani Uganda. Continue reading

Eid Mubarak!

اسأل المعطي عز وجل ان يتقبل صيامنا وقيامنا وان يعيد علينا رمضان سنين عديدة و نحن والمسلمين بأتم الصحة و السعادة ..
عيدكم مبارك إنشاء الله و كل عام وانتم بخير

Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words E- Embrace with open heart , I- Inspire with imressive attiude, D- Distribute pleasure to all. “Happy Eid

Happy Faces with Muslim attire @ KIU- Main campus


Somali Students @ KIU- Main Campus After Eid-ul- Fitri Prayers

Somaliland Postgraduate Students’ Photo


The Rainbow of Hope

Abdikadir D. Askar, DIT, BPA, MIR (Cand.).

Over the last 20 years, war of ugliest kind has been fought in Somalia.  Somali people, wherever they are, spoiled their true identity. Don’t get offended. This is a choice Somalis made themselves!  Today what-so-called Somali Republic is shattered into pieces and exists just in dreams. The ‘Somali’ name has been labeled with all sorts of evils of today’s world- terrorism, piracy, extreme poverty, to mention but a few.  The average common man in all across the world- black and white, Muslim and non Muslim, will slap you with the reality that Somalis are senseless, violent and some even more dreadful manifestations. It means Somalis are comfortable with disunity despite the fact that there are many factors that can bind them together. However, in this piece of writing I intend to urge Somalis to put aside their grievances and find a way to live together.

As someone who loves peace and order, but happens to be Somalilander by nationality and Somali by ethnicity, I hope twenty years is a good enough to shed the blood of innocent Somalis anymore in this modern world. Enough is enough.  Lawlessness and anarchy must find no room in our lives. And by now the horrible images of skeletal Somali children and exhausted mothers with shriveled breasts should have touched you.  My essence is to remind you, Somalis, your troubles so that we give peace a chance and help save souls.

Somalis have been burden to the shoulders of international community. They failed to re-establish themselves and stand by its feet again.  Since the demise of the Somali state, more than a million people in Somalia died as a result of war, food crisis and disease- a deep human misfortune. Many children and mothers are still sick of malnutrition and famine. Others are in deep sorry state and displaced within the country. While many more people turned out to be refugees outside Somalia. Continue reading